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Coinbase ter talks with SEC to get licensed

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Anthony Harvey / Stringer Coinbase, a $1.6 billion cryptocurrency exchange, has approached regulators about registering spil a licensed brokerage, according to The Wall Street Journal. Registering with the Securities and...


Coinbase announced last week that it wasgoed revamping its trading technology and creating a fresh suite of services to attract more institutional investors, including hedge funds and high-frequency trading firms.

Fresh YORK, May 23 (Reuters) – Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has acquired Paradex, a verhoging that enables users to trade supuesto coins directly with each other, the San Francisco-based company said on Wednesday. Coinbase plans...


Outside of adding fresh tokens, Coinbase is exploring how it can work with fresh blockchain technology including atomic exchanges, sharding, proof of stake and more, according to CTO Balaji Srinivasan who joined earlier this year.

Coinbase may be one of the most-lauded crypto exchanges, but it supports just four coins right now which is far fewer than most others. That&rsquo,s about to switch a little after it announced plans...