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Just like your business caters to certain customers, your customers may be interested ter certain topics. Topic targeting lets you place your AdWords ads on web pages, apps, and movies about those topics, whether it’s agriculture, music, or something else entirely.

This article gives an overview of topic targeting. You can use this feature te Display Network or Movie campaigns. For step-by-step instructions, leap to Target websites about relevant topics.

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Topic targeting permits your ads to be eligible to show up on any pages on the Display Network or YouTube that have content related to your selected topics. Spil content across the web switches overheen time, the pages on which your ads emerge can switch with it. To display your ads on those pages, simply select one or more topics that you find relevant for your ads.


By targeting the “Autos & Vehicles” topic, for example, you enable your ad to emerge on any Display Network webstek or other placement that includes content about cars or other automotive themes. You can also select more precise subtopics, such spil Trucks & SUVs, Commercial Vehicles, or Motorcycles.

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Why target topics

  • You’d like to voorstelling your ads on a broad set of websites related to certain topics.
  • For example, if you sell bicycles and know that your customers also like hiking and kampeerplaats, you can attempt advertising on a large number of websites by selecting the Hiking and Kampeerplaats subtopic to voorstelling your ads on webpages about this topic.
  • You’d like to quickly ramp up your ad delivery.
  • If you’d like to prevent your ads from appearing on pages about specific topics that aren’t performing well or are unrelated to your business, you can exclude those topics.

How much topic targeting costs

Pricing for targeting by topics works the same way spil pricing for other types of targeting. You set your bid or choose an automated bid strategy, and the AdWords system will demonstrate your ad on pages on the Google Network with content about that topic where your bid can win a position. A popular topic may have thousands or even ems of thousands of pages where your ad could show up.

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