IRS Argues Coinbase Users Cannot Challenge ‘John Doe’ Summons

Posted on Dec 28,

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On Tuesday, attorneys for the Internal Revenue Service filed the agency’s response to Los Angeles attorney and Coinbase user Jeffrey K. Berns’s mobility to prevent the IRS from serving a “John Doe” summons to Coinbase. That summons would require Coinbase to provide the IRS with the identities and account information of all United States customers who exchanged digital currencies on the company’s exchange from 2013 to .

Ter its response, the agency asserted that Berns had no right to challenge the summons, since there wasgoed no enforcement act involved ter the case. The IRS also used the filing to note that the summons would no longer apply to Berns, since he chose to identify himself spil a Coinbase customer when he filed his movement. Spil a result of that self-identification, the agency has notified Coinbase that its summons no longer applies to him.

The IRS filing addressed Berns’ arguments individually, including his voorwaarde that the agency’s budge wasgoed politically motivated. Te its response, the agency argued that:

“It is totally far-fetched to conclude that the government is pursuing the John Doen summons to harass taxpayers who use supuesto currency or to further some sort of a political zakagenda against potencial currency use.”

While the IRS referred to that accusation spil an “anti-virtual currency conspiracy theory” that lacked any evidence, it is worth noting that the agency has ter fact admitted to engaging te politically-motivated taxpayer manhandle te the past – with the targeting of conservative groups during the 2012 election being just the most latest example.

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Berns has not yet indicated how he will react. For its part, Coinbase has previously announced its intention to fight the IRS summons and protect its customer’s account information.

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