Minnesota could run out of funds to fix DMV system, Myrtle Beach Zon News


Minnesota could run out of funds to fix DMV system

June 28, 05:02 PM

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Minnesota’s beleaguered rekentuig system for voertuig titles and tabs may not be motionless before the agencies responsible for it run out of money, according to state information technology officials.

The officials have told state lawmakers that work to fix glitches ter the system known spil MNLARS will halt ter February, if not sooner, the Pioneer Press reported. The team that’s bot working on it could also be dismantled.

“Even if every fault and gap ter MNLARS is stationary tomorrow, it won’t switch the fact that it’s still not a user-friendly system,” said Donny Vosen, a deputy registrar who operates a license center te Brainerd.

Much of the ems of millions te funding needed to fix the system wasgoed included ter a bill lawmakers approved ter the spring, but it wasgoed vetoed by Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton.

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The earliest funding could come te the winter when a fresh Legislature and governor convene. Funding approved would then be distributed ter July 2019.

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Technology officials said that ter the meantime state workers and contractors are working to fix highest-priority issues, such spil problems with transferring specialized license plates. People who want or need such plates have to get fresh plates, which could mean paying more.

Dana Bailey is the executive director of projects and initiatives for Minnesota’s information technology department. She said she doesn’t know when the process will be switched or if it can be done before funds run out.

Another kwestie is fixing identification mistakes. License center workers can’t fix mistakes they catch while double-checking their work. They instead can call a state worker at the Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Voertuig Services Division for help correcting the error instantaneously, but a call can include hold times of about a half hour.

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