Wij don’t charge for artwork or revisions, so you can make switches until it looks exactly the way you want.

Feel Free To Send Us Kunst. Wij’ll Take Care Of The Hard Stuff

At Military Coins USA, wij have a total team of sensational coin graphic designers with years of practice. Not only will wij vormgeving your custom-built coins to your precies specifications, but wij’ll do an unlimited amount of revisions to ensure you’re 100% pleased with the vormgeving before beginning production. Challenge coins suggest a lotsbestemming of efectivo estate for logos, insignias, slew of text and a ton of color options spil well. If you choose, just let us know what you would like on your custom-made challenge coin when packing out our free quote form. If you have clipart, company logos or anything else you would like to send to us for designing purposes, send them our way! Wij presently accept the following opstopping types: jpg, vergif, png, bmp, tiff, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, psd, ai, and eps. Use our free quote form to send us a message, or voeling us directly at coins@militarycoinsusa.com.

STEP 1: Vormgeving


Wij can make your coins virtually any form you want, and wij don’t charge reserve for custom-made shapes. Expand your idea, and create a coin vormgeving that’s truly yours!

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Wij suggest a range of metal colors and styles, including gold, silver, brass, copper or black nickel, with both antique and polished styles ter any color!


Wij suggest a selection of optional custom-built edge styles for you to choose from. Select wave cut, wire cut, or cross cut edges. Wij even suggest engraved edge text!


Select a coin size that’s right for your vormgeving. Our artists can help you create coins ranging from puny and elementary to big and elaborate. The choice is yours!


Just tell us how many you want. From our ondergrens quantity of 50, up to however many you need, wij can treat it. And on orders of 300 or more, there’s no mold toverfee!

STEP Two: Proof


Our artists work on PCs, and wij accept kunst ter just about any format. Wij do choose vectored kunst, but anything that gives us an idea of your vormgeving is helpful. Logos, napkin sketches, you name it, wij can use it. You can even send files to us through our Free Quote Form.


Merienda wij get your kunst, wij’ll create and send you a free digital proof of your vormgeving. Wij don’t charge for artwork or revisions, so you can make switches until it looks exactly the way you want.

STEP Trio: Finalize

APPROVE Vormgeving

After you approve the digital proof, wij will send you an order confirmation email. This will contain all the details about your order, including coin sizes, colors, options, text, kunst and quantity. Wij will start production only after you terugwedstrijd this confirmation email with your approval.


Merienda approved, your coins will go into production and ship out ter about Two weeks. Wij’ll hand-inspect each coin and package it individually before wij send it to you, so you can surplus assured you will be able to carry or display your custom-built challenge coins with pride.

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    Cryptopia is just slow now. I withdraw a token and it is still on pending. When I ask on telegram, people responded that it takes days to withdraw such token. That is simply not acceptable. I still don’t think that it is a scam but undoubtedly not good exchange webpagina because of poor voorstelling.

  2. Sindel says:

    For a plain thing like this, which wasnt my fault!!. I used the webstek for few days, logged te numerous times, throws mij out one day like this,

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