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Zahur is a woman ter Nardah found te the building just east of the handelsbank. She cleans un-noted grimy herbs for 200 coins vanaf herb. She will decant potions at a cost of some coins vanaf toegevoegd viario needed to decant the potions.

Decanting potions Edit

Zahur can decant potions into 3-dose potions, 2-dose potions, or 1-dose potions. Player can either talk with hier or use hier right-click options. She will decant all the potions ter the player’s inventory, noted or unnoted, into the option that the player chooses. Decanting potions into smaller doses requires more vials. This means that the player needs toegevoegd empty vials. Players can overeenkomst with this te two ways. The very first (and recommended) option is to have the necessary empty vials, noted or unnoted, te the player’s inventory. Using this option Zahur does not charge any coins to decant potions. The alternative option is to pay Zahur for the toegevoegd vials. Zahur will charge the player 2gp for an empty viario.

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Example: A player asks Zahur to decant four 4-dose potions (16 doses total) into 3-dose potions. Zahur decants the potions into five 3-dose potions (15 doses) and one 1-dose potion (for 16 doses total). Two reserve vials are required for this, so Zahur charges the player the market price for two vials. If vials are presently selling for Ten coins, the player will thus spend 20 coins.

If a player does not have enough coins te inventory to voorkant the cost of all the vials needed then Zahur will not decant the potions. Instead, she will inform the player that the player does not have enough coins to voorkant the costs of the decanting.

It is strongly recommended to use noted potions and noted empty vials for players who want to decant potions ter bulk. This often reduces the number of runs the player voorwaarde make inbetween the bankgebouw and Zahur to just one.

History Edit

Zahur originally only cleaned herbs.

Zometeen, when she began decanting potions, she only decanted unnoted potions to unnoted 3-dose potions, charging 50 coins vanaf inventory converted (regardless of how many potions were ter inventory). At the time, the player did not have to supply empty vials for the decanting, spil Zahur’s toverfee covered this service. Indeed, Zahur would not use a player’s vials if a player brings some.

Players having Zahur decant unnoted potions had to make sure to have slagroom ter inventory for the potions generated this way, or Zahur would reject to decant them. Even if you brought exactly 50 gold and 21 4-dose potions, she would not decant them into 28 3-dose potions, claiming there wasn’t enough inventory slagroom. Thus, the most effcient way to decant 4-dose potions into 3-doses wasgoed to alternate inbetween taking 20 and Nineteen 4-dose potions. Your gold pile occupied a space, providing you only 27 inventory spaces to overeenkomst with. Taking 20 4-dose potions would have hier split them into 26 3-dose potions and 1 2-dose potion. For the next journey, you would take Nineteen 4-dose potions with the 2-dose still te your inventory and they would be split into 26 3-dose potions. This wasgoed the most efficient way for your money and time until she embarked to take noted potions.

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When Zahur began decanting noted potions, the decanting cost wasgoed switched to a vapid toverfee of 50 coins vanaf inventory decanted. However, this permitted some player get large numbers of vials at very low cost. Example: The player could bring a 100 noted 4-dose potions to Zahur, decant them into 2-dose potions for only 50 coins, and thus have 200 noted 2-dose potions. The player could then go to Bob Barter and have him combine the 2-dose potions back into 4-does potions, leaving the player with 100 4-dose potions and 100 empty vials. The player thus obtained 100 vials for only 50 coins. Jagex zometeen switched this so that Zahur charged 2GP for each viario she needed te decanting potions.

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