Bitcoin And Ethereum Crash

Bitcoin And Ethereum Crash. For A Few Minutes

Jun. 21, 11:16 PM • coin

Bitcoin and Ethereum have both experienced tremendous volatility for the last few days.

Ethereum’s situation has bot much worse.

On some exchanges, Ethereum shortly crashed to $13 ter a “flash crash” but prices have recovered to above $300.

This event doesn’t switch the fundamental bullish case for investing ter Ethereum. Albeit, it highlights the risks.

Prices have recovered and there are fundamental drivers for more increases ter the price.

Many investors are wondering why Bitcoin (Pending:COIN) and Ethereum are down after such a string of good news. Bitcoin’s scaling issues look like they will be resolved amicably through Segwit2x, and this wasgoed expected to be a significant boost to the entire cryptocurrency space.

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However, things did not go spil expected. While Bitcoin’s consensus-driven rally did materialize – taking the asset to almost $2800 – Bitcoin’s rise came with a schrijven decoupling with Ethereum. The two assets are normally hugely correlated. But at around Four:30-6:20 pm EST on the 20th of June, they shortly moved ter opposite directions.

Ethereum, along with Bitcoin, then proceeded into a acute downward correction. The Ethereum market, ter particular, seems to have fallen victim to a flash crash that took it almost to the single digits before shooting back to around $330. This article will analyze what occurred on the 21st to figure out how this development affects the long-term investment thesis for both digital assets.

Ethereum’s problems began with the Status ICO. I shortly mentioned how this event wasgoed a fundamentally bullish catalyst for Ethereum. This expectation wasgoed predicated on the fact that investors are required to buy Ethereum to invest ter status – thus driving up request for Ethereum.

Spil expected, the Status ICO wasgoed hugely popular. Te fact, it wasgoed so popular that it seems to have congested the system leading to utterly long transaction wait times and exposing what many believe are potential scaling issues te the Ethereum network.

The problems with the Status ICO seem to have embarked a chain reaction of negative market sentiment that affected the entire “cryptoverse,” including Bitcoin. High transaction volume for the Status ICO spil well spil what looks like fright selling shortly crashed the popular Coinbase exchange.

To make matters worse, there wasgoed a “flash crash” – the price of Ethereum shortly dipped to unimaginable lows, liquidating margin positions and packing buy orders for spil low spil $13 according to anecdotal reports.

No one is sure what caused this flash crash – but it emerges to be limited to the Coinbase/GDAX exchanges and there has bot little influence on trading ter other regions – especially Asia where the prices for both Bitcoin and Ethereum proceed to trade for a significant premium overheen the westelijk.

The most interesting thing about this event is that many investors are claiming that “unrealistically low” buy orders – for prices often around 90% less than the existente price – were packed during this event. Unnecessary to say, many people made a lotsbestemming of money.

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The Civic ICO is presently underway, and investors who are interested te participating will need to do so through Ethereum, thus providing further support for prices going forward.

On top of this, spil the dust from the Status ICO lodges, transaction volume should quiet down on the exchanges and bolster the usability of the network. The flash crash wasgoed an anomaly and should not be seen spil an indictment against Ethereum. Instead, investors should avoid unstable exchanges and strongly avoid trading digital assets on margin until the online infrastructure is more sophisticated.

I expect the Asian market to boost Ethereum prices overheen the next twelve hours because this region is very likely not spil affected by the events on U.S exchanges.

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