Coinbase rejects rumors of Ripple trading addition, ZDNet

Coinbase has merienda again had to disappoint Ripple enthusiasts by squashing rumors of the coin’s addition to toneel.

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Coinbase has merienda again bot coerced to quell rumors that Ripple is soon to join the exchange.

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Prompted by an upcoming segment of CNBC’s Quick Money due to go live on Tuesday featuring Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Coinbase Voorzitter Asiff Hirji, rumors merienda again began to circulate that Ripple (XRP) wasgoed destined to join the Coinbase toneel, a popular exchange used to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Spil speculation mounted, the price of XRP hopped to $1.09 on Monday. At the time of writing, Ripple has toppled to $0.97, likely due to the quick denial of Coinbase.

Ter response to the rumor mill, Coinbase tweeted:

“Our January 4th, statement proceeds to stand: wij have made no decision to add extra assets to either GDAX or Coinbase.

The company also reaffirmed previous comments te January, when Coinbase rejected the idea of adding Ripple to the rock-hard’s toneel, causing a similar shoot and decline te price.

Coinbase has disclosed how fresh assets are chosen. The Digital Asset Framework (.PDF) explains the requirements for fresh cryptocurrency additions and a committee made up of employees and executives are te control of what assets emerge, and when.

While the committee which determines on thesis assets are “subject to confidentiality and trading confinements,” Coinbase may also still be dealing with the fallout of Bitcoin Specie, which wasgoed added to the verhoging and then rapidly — albeit temporarily — closed off due to an unexplained surge te pricing.

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An investigation is ongoing. However, if this wasgoed the result of insider trading, it is understandable that Coinbase would want to track down the culprits before permitting such an event to occur again.

Bitcoin is trading at $11,220 at the time of writing. While this investment is out of reach of most of us, alternative coins such spil Ripple and Ethereum have gained trader rente.

Should Ripple eventually make it onto the Coinbase toneelpodium, this could be a catalyst for enlargened trading and a surge te price.

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    My transfer just took forever and my NEM got locked because of some punt with how NEM wasgoed being used on another exchange that got hacked. So I wasn’t able to get my NEM and now they are pretty much worthless.

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