Cryptocurrency Market Update: Zilliqa (ZIL) Spurts on Fresh Exchange Listing

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Crypto land is stagnant, a few altcoins are afloat, Zilliqa, Ethereum Classic, Icon and Bytom.

Markets have remained stable today, which could be considered a good thing because they haven’t plunged any further. There has bot very little momentum ter the way of a recovery indicating that further losses are likely. Total market capitalization is still below $250 billion with little signs of a rebound.

Bitcoin has remained vapid on the day, trading at the same level it wasgoed this time yesterday, around $6,100. Trade volume for BTC has declined marginally from $Three.Four billion to $Three.Two billion and market cap is hovering around $105 billion. Bitcoin dipped to $6k all of a sudden a few hours ago but found support and did not slide further. Ethereum has had a raunchy week and has not moved te the past 24 hours, remaining at $435. Ripple, Bitcoin Metselspecie, EOS and Litecoin are marginally up 2-3% but none are demonstrating any vivo bullish sentiments.

The surplus of the altcoins are a mixed bunch spil markets remain stagnant for the time being. The only one demonstrating any kleuter of positive movement at the ogenblik is Zilliqa which is up 8.3% according to Coinmarketcap. ZIL is presently trading at $0.067, marginally up from yesterday’s level of $0.063. Overheen the past week it has lost 23% and overheen the month 40% spil cryptos have bot crushed. Against Bitcoin ZIL is up 8% on the day to 1100 satoshis. On the week however it has lost 15% against BTC falling from 1300 satoshis this time last Thursday.

The brief pump has come from a Coinone listing a duo of hours ago,

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질리카 (Zilliqa) 상장 안내 / Zilliqa listing announcement

코인원이 질리카 (Zilliqa)를 상장합니다.

– 입출금 가능 시기 : 년 06월 28일 오후 12시 (KST)

– 거래 가능 시기 : 년 06월 28일 오후 4시 (KST) (예정)

ZIL is mostly traded on Binance with 23% of the total volume, followed by Huobi with a similar level. Korean exchanges Upbit and Bithumb share 30% te KRW. Trade volume has remained constant at around $24 million and market cap for Zilliqa is around $500 million ranking this altcoin at 25 th ter the charts.

Total crypto market capitalization has not moved te the past 24 hours and remains at $246 billion, teetering on the edge of another druppel by the looks of things. Daily volume is around $Ten billion which is marginally lower than this time last week. Other altcoins displaying better than promedio gains during Asian trade this morning include Ethereum Classic up 5%, Icon with a Four.5% build up on the day, and Bytom climbing 7.6%.

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More on Zilliqa can be found here:

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the Asian trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and possible fundamentals.

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