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XCoinBroker is a forex broker that accepts deposits and withdrawals exclusively ter bitcoin. This makes it interesting to traders who go after the latest trends and want to use cryptocurrencies for their own benefit. Of course, this can seem a bit limitating to traders who choose to deposit ter hard currencies, but there is a solution for that spil well.

Ter this XCoinBroker review, wij attempted to concentrate on most significant elements of trading with this broker such spil account types, software, mobile trading, payment methods and customer support. Before you commence trading, wij suggest you read our review and find out more useful information that can help you along the way.

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XCoinBroker Account Types

Wij were fairly astonished when wij found out how this broker supports 7 different account types, also referred to spil plans. Thesis account types suggest a little bit of toegevoegd for every type of trader, and it is up to you to determine which account to open. Spil usual, the account levels are determined by the ondergrens deposit.

Micro Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – up to 0.Five BTC
  • 1:20 leverage
  • Up to 10% margin loan
  • Monthly market review

Mini Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – up to Two BTC
  • 1:25 leverage
  • 25% margin loan
  • Weekly webinars via live stream
  • Monthly market report

Silver Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – up to Ten BTC
  • Benefits of cheaper accounts
  • 1:30 leverage
  • 35% margin loan
  • Individual account manager

Gold Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – up to 20 BTC
  • Benefits of cheaper accounts
  • 1:35 leverage
  • Up to 50% margin loan
  • Individual broker
  • Weekly one-on-one trading sessions

Diamond Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – up to 45 BTC
  • 1:40 leverage
  • Up to 75% margin loan
  • Benefits of cheaper accounts
  • Invites to VIP events

VIP Project

  • Ondergrens deposit – 45BTC and more
  • 1:50 leverage
  • Up to 100% margin loan
  • High payouts
  • Taut spreads
  • Benefits of Gold account

Traders who determine to register with XCoinBroker vereiste count on making a deposit ter bitcoins, and exchange rates that can sometimes be very volatile and switch enormously within a day. What wij fund interesting is that broker doesn’t list any sort of ondergrens deposit or withdrawal, not even te terms and conditions. Wij very recommend traders to do their research prior to determining on what account they will use.

XCoinBroker Demo

Unluckily, there is no XCoinBroker demo account that traders could use to research the toneel and waterput their trading abilities on a test. Demo account is one of the most popular features among forex brokers so it wasgoed a bit surprising to find out how this broker is not suggesting it.

XCoinBroker Verzekeringspremie

XCoinBroker also advertises certain bonuses. According to their webstek, all traders who make the deposit are eligible for a 100% premie, but only VIP traders can expect to receive a no-deposit toeslag. Before you think this is free money they are suggesting for grabs, bear ter mind there are certain trading conditions linked to every verzekeringspremie that can affect your chances of doing a withdrawal. For example, you have to reach trading volume x30, and merienda the verzekeringspremie is added you are obligated to trade it spil it cannot be eliminated. Also, there are certain conditions that can permit you to withdraw prior to reaching the requested volume, but they are not public.

XCoinBroker Trading Toneelpodium

XCoinBroker uses a proprietary trading toneelpodium which is web-based, which means that traders never have to download any programs or plug-ins. Merienda you create the trading account, you will get a password that you have to use with every login. Bear te mind to keep your login credentials secret, especially if you are trading from numerous devices (like the huis pc and office pc).

The trading instrumentenbord provides a solid oversight overheen the trades placed, spil the majority of the instrumentenbord is taken by the chart and trading history. When it comes to underlying assets, the broker claims to opoffering indices, stocks, commodities, and currencies, all based on crypto exchange rates.

XCoinBroker Mobile App

Unluckily, there is no mobile app traders can use with this broker. This is pity spil most traders choose to have an app for everything including trading. However, they can still practice mobile trading by using the mobile version of the desktop verhoging on their devices. Such mobile version is accessible from mobile browser. Still, bear ter mind that mobile trading has some downsides ter terms of analysis when compared to desktop trading.

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XCoinBroker Customer Support

The essential part of this review is customer support. Many traders don’t understand how much influence can customer support have on their trading practice.

XCoinBroker is suggesting email and online form spil the main means of communication. Unluckily, there is no live talk, which is quiebro unusual, spil most brokers and users find live talk to be the essential way of communication because it is quick convenient and leaves a written trace. The webstek is available te Spanish, French, and English, which can be of excellent help for traders who don’t speak English fluently.

When it comes to education, traders can see basic movies directly on the webstek, but for the more detailed treatment they are requested to make a deposit, Ter that case, they will get access to live stream webinars and one-on-one trading sessions, all depending on what account type they select.

XCoinBroker Depositing and Withdrawing

Spil already mentioned, XCoinBroker requires that the deposit and withdrawal are done te bitcoins, the most popular cryptocurrency te the world. However, not all traders own bitcoins. They don’t even have to prior to registering, but merienda they are registered all they have to do is go after the instructions provided by the broker. Due to this specific, XCoinBroker is not supporting many mainstream banking methods.

Traders who very first need to buy coins can use one of the following:

Their bitcoins will then have to be kept ter a special crypto wallet. The deposit is done by using the address provided on the deposit interface. Traders can also use DreamsPay, an alternative payment method available for EUR and USD credit cards, similar to PayPal. Merienda you determine to make any type of transaction, you will have to verify your identity by providing a clear copy of a government-issued document such spil ID card, passport or driver’s license. This is a usual step among all forex brokers nowadays and serves for both your and broker’s protection.

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  1. keiz says:

    Yes I have bot trading there many times spil well, and I do not think that they are scam. If your deposit is not counted just waiting for a few hours maybe they have some problems with certain coin purses if, however, your coins do not show up at the end of the range to their support. Such shrill accusations vereiste have some evidence.

  2. minerniener says:

    So i attempted to voeling support, i get an email go after this verbinding to see moderator reply and guess what?

  3. zickig says:

    No need worry at all, cryptopia is safe. But please read any details by them for example do the deposit and withdraw option is available or not. Sometimes they maintenance some wallet so you cant get your fund out or ter to that exchange. Also their support is doing fine, i mean is not quick but ter one day they clear my trouble and response all my questions.

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