Leaked Movie Shows Ripple XRP Cryptocurrency on Coinbase

A leaked movie uploaded to Streamable.com today shows a user on the Coinbase beta testing webpagina performing a transaction using Ripple XRP. It has bot speculated since mid-December that Ripple would be added to Coinbase ter early January, following an announcement stating that they were looking to add “ many more ” altcoins to their podium. This movie all but confirms thesis suspicions, and will most likely lead to the price of Ripple exploding ter the coming days. Merienda added to Coinbase, Ripple will be available to its 13.Trio million users, which will cause a massive influx of money spil fresh investors buy te.

If you haven’t got any Ripple ter your portfolio yet, this might be your last chance to hop on this rocket to the moon. If you are fresh to cryptocurrencies, or don’t know how to buy Ripple, go after this guide.

The movie ter question shows a user on the Coinbase beta testing webpagina, which clearly shows Ripple listed under the available cryptocurrencies. The user shows their latest transactions, which include buying Ripple XRP with Euros, and then sending Ripple to an outer wallet. One latest transaction is expanded to expose the address which the payment wasgoed sent to: rPP4jyPd8uqhVRqvA9Ge8f4vUJXWMepJtE.

If you use the Ripple account explorer , you can find that this transaction actually occurred, an resum of the transaction history for this account is shown below, clearly showcasing 291 XRP being received.

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The transaction history of the wallet receiving the payment from Coinbase.

If you explore further, you can find that the wallet that sent the Ripple contains overheen 1.7 million XRP. This wallet likely belongs to Coinbase, who need to stock up on Ripple prior to adding it to their exchange.

The wallet which sent the payment contains overheen 1.7 million XRP.

The name “George Smith” is shown ter the movie spil the name of the logged ter user. Searching Linkedin for a George Smith ter San Francisco, the headquarters of Coinbase, exposes the George Smith shown below. He is the product manager at Wallet.AI and has bot intensely involved te early stage technology companies and financial startups. He could therefore be realistically involved te the development of Coinbase.

The profile of a George Smith ter San Francisco.

If you don’t have any Ripple yet, or you are thinking about buying more, I very recommend you stock up right now. This movie wasgoed just released today and will spread quickly, leading to giant amounts of money being invested ter Ripple te anticipation of its Coinbase release. Don’t be astonished if Ripple hits an all time high within 24 hours!

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