Most services accepting fiat currencies charge something te the 2-10% range.

Trading accounts

*While the company claims to suggest 0% fees for Japanese clients, the situation is not that clear for the surplus. Go to the fees section of the review for more details.

QUOINE Pte. Ltd is the company behind QUOINEX. They operate from offices ter Japan, Singapore and Vietnam, but more importantly they recently got the regulatory approval of the JFSA. This brings a lotsbestemming of credibility to the exchange, spil regulated entities are few te the crypto-space.

The cryptocurrencies available at QUOINEX are only Bitcoin and Ethereum, while more altcoins are available at QRYPTOS. More importantly, trading can be done against a loterijlot of fiat currencies: USD, JPY, EUR, AUD, SGD, HKD, IDR and PHP. On top of that there are three types of trading: spot (without leverage), margin and futures. The latter can be fairly tricky, so wij don&rsquo,t recommend it to beginners.

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There is no information on the ondergrens deposit requirement at QUOINEX. This is not usually the case with the forex brokers, which wij mostly voorkant. Spil an example FXCM requires $50 for the creation of a fresh account.

QUOINEX offers leverage up to 1:25. This is one of the highest levels available for cryptocurrency trading, which should be used wisely. Spil you may know forex brokers usually opoffering even higher ratios, like 1:500. This is due to the fact traditional currencies are much less volatile than Bitcoin.

Be sure to fully understand the ways margin trading operates before participating te it. One voorwaarde also be aware of the differences inbetween trading Bitcoin with a forex broker and an exchange, one of which is the margin toverfee, applied by some exchanges. Ter the case of QUOINEX, the toverfee is set at 5%.

There are no fees on trading with your &ldquo,almohadilla currency pair&rdquo, at QUOINEX. When trading with against other currencies the fees go spil high spil 0.25% which is te line with the industry standards.

Trading verhoging

Trading Accounts

Coinone is one of the major Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. If you are enthusiastic about blockchain technology, you should know a few things about them even if you don&rsquo,t project on trading with them. Spil you may know the trading activity on Korean exchanges has bot relatively high te latest times and even determines the brief term price swings.

Coinone Advantages

Established regional player &ndash, Coinone has bot around since 2014 and the team behind this exchange looks very solid. There aren&rsquo,t any reports of a major hack at this exchange, which is not the case with one of their major competitors &ndash, Bithumb.

High level of Security &ndash, Security seems to be a top priority for Coinone, spil the company includes multi-signature wallets, two-factor authentication (2FA) and cold storage. While there is no 100% assure of future safety, thesis factors are nice.

Low Fees &ndash, The costs of trading at Coinone are very competitive, with the offers by other exchanges. With a 0.10% maximum toverfee (which goes even lower, if you trade thicker volumes) this exchange is one of the cheapest. Spil a comparison, Kritiseren, another otherwise solid exchange charges up to 0.26%.

Korean Bankgebouw Transfers accepted &ndash, Coinone accepts fiat currency deposits, via canap transfer. That being said, only Korean canap accounts can be registered with this exchange.

No fees on deposits &ndash, Unlike most other exchanges, this one does not charge fees on deposits (regardless of the methods of payment). Most services accepting fiat currencies charge something ter the 2-10% range.

7 coins available &ndash, The current list of coins available at Coinone includes: BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, QTUM and LTC. This may be more than enough for some users, but there are those who are willing to explore exotic digital assets. If you are looking for more altcoins, be sure to checkout Bittrex and Cryptopia.

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Leverage is available &ndash, Unlike most exchanges, Coinone offers margin trading, with a maximum leverage ratio of 1:Four. That being said this involves borrowing coins from other traders. This can be a costly and tedious process, so if you are looking to speculatively trade Bitcoin a forex broker may be a better alternative.

Trading with such a company usually permits even higher leverage, but may not be suitable for long term positions. Read more here.

Nice trading podium &ndash, The &ldquo,Voor Charts&rdquo, feature of Coinone is very nice, when compared to some of the other crypto-exchanges. Here is a preview (a live talk is also included, click to zoom-in):

Coinone Disadvantages

Concentrate on Korea &ndash, Dealing with this company if you are not Korean will be hard, or even unlikely, spil they require having a locorregional bankgebouw account. It is technically possible, but you will have to go through a loterijlot of hassle.

Trading only against KRW &ndash, While this exchange offers several altcoins they can&rsquo,t be loosely traded against one another. Some clients may even see this spil a positive, but at the end of the day, having the capability to quickly convert one coin into another will be viewed very by others.

Few negative user reviews &ndash, Wij couldn&rsquo,t find many user reviews on this exchange te English, but there were a duo of complaints regarding slow payments.

Withdrawal fees &ndash, Thesis are not the miner fees associated with a given blockchain, rather fees which go to Coinone. They aren&rsquo,t that big, but will still annoy some users. Here is the breakdown:


Coinone is one of the leading Korean cryptocurrency exchanges. They have bot around since 2014 and acts spil an entry level service for locals. Additionally the company provides access to &ldquo,Jikgu&rdquo, payments (a term used for Koeran online shopping from other countries).

The coetáneo exchange verhoging is rather well-designed, which is very likely one of the contributing factors to this venue&rsquo,s popularity. At the time of writing of this review, they are only surpassed by Bithumb, te terms of BTC/KRW trading volume.

That being said, Bitcoin trading is not regulated ter Korea, so if you are looking for a safer alternative, you may attempt with a forex broker.

While wij review this exchange from an outsider&rsquo,s point of view (spil the company is intensely focused on the domestic market), wij generally like what wij see. Here is a summary of this exchange:

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