Buying $AEON using Coinbase and Bittrex I’ve bot watching the cryptocurrency space from the sidelines for finta a while.

I’ve bot watching the cryptocurrency space from the sidelines for quiebro a while. I haven’t become engrained with it largely out of my own naiveté for the space and already practice enough angst from coetáneo securities. Breathe.

That being said: what’s happening with cryptocurrencies is hard to overlook at this point. The aggregate value proceeds to rise and presently stands te the realms of hundreds of billions of dollars.

I recently selected a small-cap cryptocurrency, AEON, to start getting involved te. I won’t be getting terribly deep into the “why” of why I bought AEON but would encourage you to read this overview of AEON to understand its appeal. AEON is a fork of Monero (which presently has a market cap of $2B USD) that concentrates on privacy and security and is geared towards mobile — all things which I love.

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Ultimately, spil a disclaimer, I own a negligible amount of AEON. This postbode isn’t meant to be advice or endorsement but merely instructions on how to purchase AEON should you deem it an interesting option for yourself.

Beginning with Bitcoin

Ter order to purchase AEON, you’ll need to have some Bitcoin (BTC). A single Bitcoin presently is worth just overheen $Four,000 USD. However, you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin so your initial “investment” can be spil puny spil you’d like to test the waters. If you already own BTC, you can skip to the next section and proceed on.

If you don’t have Bitcoin, Coinbase is where you should get embarked. Coinbase is a reputable digital asset exchange that makes buying more popular cryptocurrencies very plain. You can connect your bankgebouw account or credit card and purchase Bitcoin (or Ethereum or Litecoin) very lightly [despite the high commission fees.]

Transferring Bitcoin to Bittrex

Bittrex is similar to Coinbase except that they have support for a multitude of different cryptocurrencies, including AEON. If you don’t have an account on Bittrex, go ahead and sign up for one for free. I’d also very recommend turning on two-factor authentication for Bittrex (and also on Coinbase).

Merienda you get up with an account on Bittrex you’ll want to transfer te your Bitcoin from Coinbase (or wherever else you may have it). On Bittrex, click the “Wallets” tabulator and you should see a Bitcoin wallet there. Click the “+” next to Bitcoin and it should pop-up with an address, which is essentially just a hash.

Merienda you have this hash, head overheen to your Coinbase account, tapkast into your Bitcoin wallet and kasstuk “Send”. Go ahead and come in ter this hash of where to send your Bitcoin (and double-check it is juist). You’re essentially telling Coinbase that you’d like to budge your Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bittrex. You can think of this like moving money from one canap to another. It will take some time for this transaction to finish so just refresh Bittrex every 10–15 minutes until you see that your BTC wallet on Bittrex has bot populated.

Buying AEON on Bittrex with your BTC

You’re almost finished up — and this step is the most confusing. To buy, AEON on Bittrex you’ll want to head to the BTC-AEON marketplace which you can click from that listig for convenience. This pagina contains information like the current price, current trade volume and specific bids and asks for AEON. You’ll see that everything is voiced ter terms of Bitcoin and not USD. This means when you come in ter your trade, you’ll be putting ter a price omschrijving to Bitcoin and not USD.

If you scroll down this pagina a bit you’ll see a form like the following:

This is the form where you’ll inject your order for AEON. You can buy whatever number of units your heart desires. Spil example, if you transferred te 1 Bitcoin (

$Four,300 USD) you could waterput te an order for 4000 AEON at a bid price of 0.00025 BTC spil AEON trades at harshly a dollar at the time of this postbode.

Merienda you feel good, klapper the “Buy AEON” button and accomplish the order. Depending on the market and your price, you’ll see your order start to be fulfilled. Merienda your transaction is finish, you’ll see your resulting balanceo ter your AEON wallet and the decent amount deducted from your Bitcoin wallet. If you have a larger order that takes more time to pack, you can see the progress of the order on the “Orders“ pagina at the top of Bittrex.

That’s all for now

Hopefully this postbode is helpful. Watching thesis markets with low volume is indeed interesting to witness and you’ll likely learn a loterijlot from this entire practice.

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