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Smarting from criticism of overcharging customers, CoinBase exchange reacted swiftly to the accusations by appointing a Portland office to treat customer servicing. It wasgoed also accused of unauthorised withdrawals from their accounts. The exchange now states that it has eventually, “identified a solution.”

Much of the alleged overcharging, which wasgoed escalated on subreddit last week, wasgoed found to be from the switches ter the way credit cards classified transactions treated by digital currency. The continued reporting of crypto accounts being emptied caused funk and resulted te many of the customers of coinbase using the exchange.

“Identified Solution,” says coinbase

The exchange issued a statement, “ We’re presently investigating an punt where some customers were charged incorrectly for purchases of digital currency with credit and debit card.” It has stated that it will refund ter utter, any charges that have bot made by mistake.

It also says that, “This is related to the latest MCC code switch by the card networks and card issuers charging extra fees. Wij have identified a solution and future purchases will not be affected. Wij will ensure any customer affected by this kwestie is fully refunded.”

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Further, all refunds would be automatic and would be credited to the customer’s respective banks. The exchange has claimed that it will review card transactions that have occurred te the past few weeks. All affected customers will then be notified.

Evidently, all transactions made by Coinbase users inbetween January 22, and February 11, will be reprocessed and refunded if there overcharges, by error.

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Coinbase has bot te rough weather overheen overcharging ter the past spil well. It has bot at the receiving end of investors mood swings, given its default position spil the most popular exchange for digital currencies te the San Francisco-region.

The investor have bot following the rise and fall of bitcoin, and the volatility this coin has bot facing ter latest months has meant that exchanges such spil Coinbase too have bot fluctuating. There has bot no stable product ter the market of late, and Coinbase has bot facing the brunt of such overheen activity among alternate coins.

Fresh ecommerce product

Leveraging its leader position on cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase has announced a fresh ecommerce verhoging. The business proefje for this service would be very similar to that of online payment service provider, PayPal.

The need to provide effective merchant services te the emerging cryptocurrency phase, has led to Coinbase Commerce, te February, . The principle of operating this commerce webpagina is that, it will integrate cryptocurrency payments for a range of currencies such spil – bitcoin Contant, Ethereum, Litecoin.

The thickest benefit from the CoinbaseCommerce verhoging is that no buyer has to hold an account with the cryptocurrency company.

There are many competitors ter this spectrum of services already, with BitPay, being a key merchant-environment service provider. However, the treatment by Coinbase is different. It will use Ethereum spil the very first option te processing payment. All payments will be ended by the company by using the scanner or QR Code, Wallet Address.

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  1. triciabenton says:

    I never said the account is locked, i reply again(with screenshot of my account), being days now nothing.

  2. elkhuntermomma says:

    Wij have a support team ter Fresh Zealand at our head office and wij have another support team ter the UK so that wij can educador our request 24 7 to make sure there are no delays.

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