Total tourism stakeholders to convene at sustainability summit, GreenBiz

GreenBiz Group will host a Sustainable Tourism Summit during its Brink Hawaii: Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit , which comebacks to Honolulu on June 20-22. The Summit will be produced ter collaboration with the Hawaii Tourism Authority and integral NGO, Sustainable Travel International, and will take place on Wednesday, June 21.

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing business sectors ter the world and the primary industry and producer of jobs for many island economies and developing nations, including Hawaii.

Many of tourism’s leaders, including the Hawaii Tourism Authority, are committed to watching the industry grow sustainably while also generating enlargened general awareness about the need to preserve natural resources and perpetuate native cultures.

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“We envision Hawaii being a general leader te displaying destinations worldwide how unique, welcoming travel practices can be created for visitors while Hawaii’s environment is preserved and its culture treasured by generations to come,” said George D. Szigeti, voorzitter and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority. “We are pleased to support the launch of the Sustainable Tourism Summit at Edge Hawaii. It’s fundamental that tourism leaders from the Hawaiian Islands and around the world come together to build a healthier, more sustainable tourism industry.”

The Sustainable Tourism Summit is a half-day, invitation-only working session that will convene more than 100 stakeholders — including mundial hotel brands and lugar operators, property owners and management companies, airlines, cruise lines, government tourism departments and policy makers, and service providers. The Summit will recognize the destination spil a collective responsibility and concentrate on fresh technologies, policies and business models for accelerating sustainable tourism — ter Hawaii and worldwide.

Reaping the economic, social and environmental benefits of tourism requires a collective vision of what it means for the industry to become sustainable. Addressing the myriad challenges and opportunities requires the entire ecosystem — industry, government, nonprofits and community stakeholders — ter Hawaii and beyond.

Te , Hawaii became the very first state ter the nation to mandate a 100 procent renewable portfolio standard by 2045. Fulfilling this ambitious mandate will require support from the tourism industry combined with other clean energy stakeholders ter order to create powerful fresh partnerships, technologies and business models.

“As one of the world’s largest industries, tourism has the potential to combat some of the world’s most pressing issues, including poverty, thirst, gender inequality and environmental degradation. But achieving this vision and ensuring that tourism maximizes benefits for communities and environments takes collaboration from all the relevant players,” said Geoff Bolan, CEO at Sustainable Travel International. “The Sustainable Tourism Summit at Brink Hawaii is an ideal podium to bring together key stakeholders from Hawaii and beyond to chart a clear path toward a sustainable future.”

Goals of the Sustainable Tourism Summit include:

  • Create a collective vision of what it means for the tourism industry to become more sustainable while enhancing visitor practices and supporting sustainable management of the destination and business.

Produced ter partnership inbetween GreenBiz Group and the Hawaii State Energy Office, Brink Hawaii brings together almost 1,000 key stakeholders — from government, military, utilities, energy producers, entrepreneurs and other solution providers — to have candid, action-oriented conversations addressing the challenges and opportunities te transitioning to 100 procent renewable energy.

“For five years Edge has uniquely brought together leaders and key stakeholders to accelerate the clean economy,” said Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group. “We look forward to launching the Sustainable Tourism Summit at Edge Hawaii spil a destination for completo leaders to establish a collective vision of what it means to become more sustainable, ter a way that enhances visitor practice and supports específico communities and businesses.”

To learn more about the Brink Hawaii Sustainable Tourism Summit, click here .

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