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This is TheTimesCenter, designed by Renzo Piano. Detect two limber spaces, designed to accommodate a broad diversity of events: The Stage, a striking 378-seat gehoorzaal that can also be used spil a Screening Slagroom for cinema-quality presentations, and The Recibidor, a customizable Five,000 square-foot banquet slagroom and product demonstrate space. Expect the latest ter digital projection, lighting and audio resources. And rely on a team of event experts, dedicated to making the unlikely seem effortless. Here, te the heart of Manhattan, the possibilities of your event are redefined.

Extreme. Engaging. Effortless.

The Stage

Events that suit The Stage

Press conferences and product launches

Spectacles and concerts

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Tapkast and bat mitzvahs

Television and radiodifusión broadcasts

To create the volmaakt backdrop to The Stage, event organizers can choose from three different settings — an open view of the atrium, a translucent shade for spectacular lighting effects, or a blackout shade for accomplish privacy.

Wired for live television, radiodifusión and internet broadcasts and tooled with the latest digital projection, lighting and audio systems, The Stage offers state-of-the-art technology to ensure your event remains fully connected. The Stage comes finish with an expansive production booth, a supple greenroom/production office/dressing slagroom suite, and is always rented with The Gallery for registration and receptions.

TheTimesCenter’s very regarded, full-service event production team is available to help ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Floor Plans

All food and beverage service vereiste be provided by one of our Approved Catering Vendors. Please click here for a list and more information.

* However TheTimesCenter has an extensive technical inventory that will fulfill the needs of most events, extra equipment may be rented from an Approved Times Center A/V Provider. After booking an event, users vereiste coordinate with TheTimesCenter Production Manager to arrange and sate their technical needs and requirements.

The rear wall of The Stage has three views: glass, exposing the building&rsquo,s interior garden, a blackout shade and a translucent shade for a semitransparent lighting effect.

The Stage features state-of-the-art audio, movie and theatrical lighting systems to meet the needs of almost every event, including:

  • A wireless sound package designed to treat both large and puny meetings and spectacles.
  • A movie system featuring dual projection, a drop-down 12’x24′ projection screen and HD switching for multisource presentations and movie playback.
  • Street-to-stage fiber and coax wire feeds for television and radiodifusión satellite production.
  • High-speed wired and wireless internet capabilities for webcasting and distance-learning events.

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