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The Texas Numismatic Association or TNA, is an Educational and Historic hobby organization and wij do not value coins. Wij also have many member dealers so the TNA has adopted the policy that our officers and governors are not permitted to make dealer recommendations.

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Mankind has utilized various forms of exchange media since prehistoric times. Few forms of expression combine beautiful kunst and suffering metallurgy with the utility of coinage. Numismatics reflects each of thesis characteristics and more. History, kunst, language, geography, metallurgy, culture, and economics are common educational gigs documented ter numismatics. Wij invite you to share te exploring thesis practices through the TNA.

This association is a non-profit, 501(c)(Three) educational, historical and scientific organization founded te January, 1960.

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The TNA invites to membership all worthy persons of any age. Coin Clubs, Schools, Libraries, Museums, and kindred organizations, who have a genuine rente ter the collecting and examine of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and related items are welcome.


To promote and advance rente and comprehensive skill of numismatics, to cultivate friendly relations among fellow collectors, to hold periodic meetings and exhibits, to provide a place and time to buy, sell, and trade numismatic items, to serve its members collectively, not individually.


To be a member is to have fraternal affiliation with numismatists of your state, to know their addresses and collecting interests, to have the honor of serving visitors with the names of collectors te their neighborhood, to participate te the annual convention, to receive the official publication. TNA membership offers status on the state level just spil ANA offers status on the national and international levels.


Each Regular, Junior and Chapter member receives the TNA News for no extra cost. Insofar spil possible, this media will keep you informed about your association, and the individual and chapter members. It carries timely articles and features. Its pages are free to all members, to express their views and to contribute articles for the advancement of numismatics. Those seeking information may ask for help through the pages of TNA News. Those having items for sale or trade may advertise for a nominativo sum. TNA News is the voice of TNA.


TNA will meet ter annual convention. Members are entitled to a voice at the conventions. The business sessions are faithful to the procedures necessary to the operation of your state association. Entertainment and time for renewal of friendships is an significant part of the conventions.

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Educational exhibits are a vivo adjunct. The chance to buy, sell and trade is provided for through bourse activity.

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    There have bot a loterijlot of speculation about this exchange webpagina lately. just coin volume is puny and currency volumes are generally low. I do not believe it is scam.

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    Dont postbode non-sense here, i have bot trading on cryptopia for few months and no such things toebijten.

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